3 Types of Security Lighting

Types of Security Lighting

Properly placed lighting around the outside of your home can present it with more dimensions and a beautiful atmosphere. However, this lighting is also an important, and rather effective, part in ensuring that your house has some extra punch when it comes to its security plan.

When adding outdoor lighting it actually discourages possible intruders or burglars from pursuing your home. This is because all the conceivable hiding spots, where they would usually scope if the house is worth breaking in to, are now lit up.

Also, in conjunction with a security camera, if the would-be criminal were to attempt something, the lighting would optimize their physical appearance being detected, such as facial recognition.

When you start surveying your home’s perimeter to construct the plan for your security lighting system, it is best to identify the areas that have the highest potential safety and security risks., such as heavily wooded areas. However, keep in mind, there is such a thing as too much lighting. You would not want to bother your neighbors by having floodlights covering every part of your home 24/7. Especially since this could very well end up being contra-productive, as it would show your valuables to everyone, possibly making you an even bigger target.

Types of Security Lighting

There are two different categories of lights you can use around your home. Active lights, such as motion sensors, only turn on when an element interacts with it, where are passive lights, such as fixtures or timers, are static.

The most successful lighting security system encompasses both active and passive elements, safeguarding against any potential risks or threats. It also follows any and all rules or restrictions that your local jurisdiction may have, such as height and width, wattage and energy conservation, and what kind of bulbs are used.

Below we have some wonderful products that we recommend for you to achieve the perfect illumination to keep your home safe and make it look amazing.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensor security lights are definitely a top choice in safety. They are able to offer you a nice balance between energy efficiency and security. Because these lights only trigger when something moves, it causes awareness that someone is present, which is the last thing a thief would want. Not to mention, because these lights shut off when nothing is there, it will save you quite a bit of money. Lights such as the Leonlite, which is a truly all-encompassing light, can offer you 3 various modes, 50,000 hours of lighting, and a reduction on your energy bill.

LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights offer you a powerful widespread illuminated area. When purchasing, or upgrading a flood light with LED bulbs you are enabling a brighter coverage and higher energy efficiency. Lights like the All-Pro FTR1740L can offer your home an output of 1,600 lumens, which is the equivalent of 150 watts. Not to mention, it has 35,000 hours of maintenance-free life. 


Solar lights are wonderful when you place them all around your home and yard. This is how you can add the ambiance while protecting your home. With design and composition at your fingertips, you can place these amazing little lights where you see fit. For example, you can light up the pathway to your home, using these adorable URPOWER lights, which are not only powerful and waterproof but they also have a motion sensor toggle if you would like to incorporate that.

Now that you have more information, take a little time to yourself and comprise a solid security plan. Once you have an idea of the areas that you would like to secure, shop around for some lights that will best fit your needs. Since security lights are easy to install and relatively inexpensive, they are definitely the best in the investment of keeping your property securely lit and your mind at ease.