How To Prevent Package Thieves

How To Prevent Package Thieves

It is not unusual anymore to go shopping for what you need online. The ease and convenience of being able to purchase anything you want from the comfort of your own home is unparalleled. Not to mention it is usually a bit cheaper, which is a huge incentive on its own. It is how it’s done in this new day and age.

However, sadly we cannot always be home when our packages are delivered, which leaves them as an open target for package thieves. And while having a security system and security cameras installed in your home is a great thing to have to prevent in-home burglaries, it may not be enough to deter criminals from just swiping a package off your porch.

Not to worry though, we have come up with a few preventative steps to ensure that your packages are safe and sound until your return.

How To Prevent Package Thieves

Amazon is currently offering a few unique ways to guarantee all your packages are delivered to you 100% of the time. Recently they have introduced Amazon Key, which the smart lock must have! With you Amazon Key home kit you have access to your door via your smartphone. It offers you live stream real-time video and 2-way audio, so when you opt in for the in-home delivery, you get a notification of your upcoming delivery, and you can open the door for them. You can also give them access to open the door, allowing your packages to be placed safely inside no matter what. You can even allow them access to your vehicle now, making sure that your package is safe wherever it is delivered to.

Another amazing recent Amazon addition are the Amazon Lockers which have been placed in various locations worldwide. You can check here to see if your city has one of them. If you are not living in one of these lucky cities, don’t worry, businesses like UPS also have similar services.

Alternatively, you could invest in a lock box for your house. With amazing innovations popping up like the Boxlock, from Boxlock Inc., you have a lock which will only scan packages addressed to you, to be delivered that day. This is the perfect locking mechanism for you if you shop on more sites than just Amazon.

There are also alternatives to Amazon Key out there that are worth checking out, much like Their product offers you a smart solution which lets you secure a package using their app by monitoring the person, confirming the delivery and allowing entry for the placement of your packages.

While all these products are amazing and definitely worth checking out, we do have a few easy precautions you can take as well, in combination with the aforementioned, that are quick and easy!

One very simple step you can create towards the prevention of theft is requiring a signature for deliveries. This is one of the simplest ways to ensure that either you or someone you trust has signed for your package, giving you the peace of mind it is somewhere safe. If you know you are not home, you could leave your trusted neighbors as a backup, and the delivery personnel can head over there.

Places like UPS and FedEx now have apps to download which allow you to track, reroute, and reschedule your packages.UPS has a yearly membership which is only $40 and FedEx has a $5.25/per request fee.

This way if you know that the package will be delivered during your working hours, you can change the location and have them delivered to your office instead.

When you are heading off for vacation, it is worthwhile to go to your post office, and call the delivery companies you order from, and ask them to put a hold on all your deliveries. Most places will hold any of your mail for up to 30 days, with no charge to you.

It is definitely worth checking out if you can do an in-store pick up as well. Quite a few companies out there will allow you to ship straight to the stores which most of the time nixes your shipping fees as well.

Lastly, make sure you have insurance for all your packages, just in case the worst does happen! You can never be too safe.