How To Keep Your House Safe During Your Vacation

How To Keep Your House Safe During Your Vacation

You have been planning for your vacation for a long time now, and there are a million things you need to remember and worry about. Don’t let keeping your house safe in your absence be one of them.

We have put together a few guidelines below for you to help ensure your house is completely safe and that you can have a fully relaxing vacation with complete peace of mind.

While there are many stories of people returning home from their vacations to find unfortunate circumstances unraveled while they were gone, such as a burst pipe or a burglary, do not be alarmed, there are plenty of great ways to fully secure your home, not only while you are away, but also for day to day life.

Make it seem like you are still home

The best thing you can do while you are gone is to make it look like you haven’t left at all. The more it looks like the house is vacant, the higher the chance of a burglary becomes. Below are some of the amazing ways you can keep up the appearance that you are still at home.

Electronic Timers

Having an electric timer installed is the best way to give the illusion that you are still in your house. They are designed in a multitude of different ways, however, the top two we recommend are the Enerlites digital, in-wall, programmable timers and the Century Digital dual outlet timers. Not only will these aid in the appearance that someone is home, but they can also be amazing energy savers by guaranteeing that your lights will be turned off by the end of the day.

Outside Appearances

How To Keep Your House Safe During Your Vacation

Ensuring that everything looks normal on the outside is one of the easiest ways to create home security.

If you have home mail delivery, make sure that before you leave to give them a call and let them know you are gone. In most cases, they will hold your mail up to a month for you at no extra cost. As well, you’ll want to give your newspaper or magazine subscriptions a call, and put a hold on any deliveries you may have so that they don’t pile up at your front door.

Ask for some help from friends and family, or hire a professional to come by and mow your lawn, water your plants, open and close your blinds, and/or shovel your driveway. Not only are you keeping up appearances that someone is home, you also have a couple extra sets of bodies and eyes to ensure that nothing seems out of place.

Alternatively, you can hire a qualified house sitter, this ensures that your home is not left unattended and most of your chores stay up to date.

Digital Presence

We also highly recommend waiting until you are back from your vacation to post on social media. We understand it is incredibly tempting to show off, but by waiting you are not only able to enjoy your vacation more, but you are also helping keep up the appearance that you haven’t left.

Lastly, if you are driving to the airport and you happen to have a GPS in your vehicle, make sure that you either leave this unit at home or ask for it to be locked up in a hotel near the airport. If neither one of these is available to you, then change your “home” preset to a fake address, perhaps a police station for an extra laugh. That way if someone breaks into your vehicle at the airport, they can not use your GPS to find out where it is you live.

While some of the items listed require a little investment and forethought, we can assure you that taking these steps, will prevent some from headaches and stress down the road.

Preparing your home

Below is a little checklist of to-do’s for you just before leaving for your trip.

Before you leave:
❏ Ensure you have proper insurance
❏ Install security cameras
❏ Put all valuables in a safe, such as the AmazonBasics Security Safe
❏ If you have any pet doors, make sure these are nailed shut for the time being
❏ Clear your storm drains and gutters

As you leave:
❏ Disconnect all your electronics
❏ Lock all windows
❏ Reinforce windows and doors access points with a piece of wood
❏ Shut off your automatic garage opener
❏ Disconnect and unplug all your electronics
❏ Set your thermostat a proper temperature i.e. to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter
❏ Shut off the water
❏ Shut off the gas
❏ Lock your doors
❏ Set your alarm