Best Ways To Prevent A Burglary

Burglaries are sadly a very common phenomenon, no matter where you live. So common in fact, that on average every 13 seconds a burglary happens, according to a survey has conducted.

As Benjamin Franklin put it, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

When you are looking into preventative measure a key piece of advice to remember is that most burglaries actually occur during the daytime. Hence why you are going to want to take precautions for day and night. When it comes to protecting those you love and all you have worked so hard for, you just can’t be too careful.

Below you will find all the information you need to set up your defenses and eliminate the opportunity for criminals to make you a victim.

Best Ways To Prevent A Burglary


It goes without saying that you should always lock your doors and windows, however, there are many other things we can do to the inside of our homes to preventing burglars. To start, If you are leaving for a longer time, reinforcing your doors and windows with wood or extra latches is always a great idea.

Home Security Alarm

A home security alarm system is hands down the best thing to do, to help prevent burglaries. Amazon offers an amazing variety of security systems, like the Ring Alarm Home Security System, which offers you 24-hour security. As an added bonus, you can put their security sticker all around your home, making sure that any potential burglars will spot it right away and deter them.

Place Your Items Strategically

If your living quarters allows for it, try and keep all your major valuables out of sight if someone were to peak through the windows. This achieves an image that there isn’t anything worth breaking in for.

Open Your Curtains

If you are not home, it is always tempting to close your curtains, especially when you are out at night, however, with closed curtains burglars feel safer inside your home. With the curtains open, it appears that someone is there, making your house less of a target.

Leave Your Lights On

When you leave your lights on, you give the appearance that someone is home as well. You can use electric light timers, and set it so that different lights go on and off at different times, aiding in the appearance of an occupied house. The top two lights we recommend are the Enerlites programmable timer and the Century Digital dual outlet timer. 


Having the outside prepared and secured is a great way to ensure that criminals don’t make it to your house in the first place.

Install Cameras

Most alarm security systems, like the aforementioned Canary, have cameras encompassed with their products. Cameras and security alarms are by far the best anti-burglary devices you can invest in. 

Install Motion Lights

Having motion lights installed, like URPOWER Solar Lights, makes it impossible for burglars to hide in your yard unnoticed. They will not be able to get close enough or sneak around to see if anyone is home, which will discourage them from breaking in.

Keep Up Your Yard Maintenance

When you keep your shrubbery, and trees around entrances and walkways trimmed, it further hinders criminals from finding hiding places to scope out your residence. 

Install A Fence

A fence is not only great for privacy but also helps hide to what you have to the outside world. The less alluring your home looks, the less likely it will be broken in to.

Secure Your Sheds And Garages

You don’t want to temps your thieves, therefore make sure that you put all your valuable outside items such as lawn mowers, trimmers, bicycles, and barbecues in your shed. And make sure to get a good heavy duty lock, like the MasterLocks series, to keep your sheds and garages completely secured.

So while there aren’t many of us out there with the skills like Macaulay Culkin had in Home Alone, there are still many ways we can make it tough and nearly impossible, for criminals who are interested into breaking into our homes.