Best Flood Sensors: Reviews

There is nothing worse than the thought of water damage. It not only drains your bank account but also your energy, as the mess to clean up can be a lot to handle.

While we can usually catch a slow leak before it gets too disastrous and causes any real big damage, there are always those inopportune times in life, when a small leak can turn in a major problem in no time. For example, a pipe in your home could burst during one of those pesky winter cold snaps. And of course, as Murphy’s Law states “if something can go wrong, it will while you are away from your home”. Admittedly we may have added that last party, however, major damages always seem to appear when you are away.

Luckily, we live in a day and age where technology is thriving in the way of protecting our homes and what we hold dear. With a variety of ‘smart’ products available on the open market now, you can bet that there is a line of water and flood sensing devices that can help quickly and efficiently by alerting you of any water leaks. These are known as flood sensors.

What Is a Flood Sensor

Best Flood Sensors Reviews


You may be wondering, what exactly they are. Well, these are small devices, containing minuscule sensors which are able to distinguish a change in the air, such as moisture molecules, and drastic temperature fluctuations. Water sensors are important tools in the safeguard of your home against leaky pipes and damaged appliances.

Flooding usually causes more damage than just replacing a carpet. You can encounter potential mold growth, the loss and damage of valuable items, and in more severe cases there can be structural damage. So prevention is most definitely a key element. Not to mention, these water sensors are extremely easy to use, so there really isn’t a reason not to use them!

Where to Place Your Flood Sensor

The hardest part is strategically placing them where you need them most and see them the least. Once placed, the average battery in them lasts for 5-10 years, so you can forget they are there, hopefully, until the battery dies or a possible tamper alert is sent to your phone when your cat confuses it with a mouse.

Here are some key places to put them in your home.

  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • Hot water heaters

In addition to having sensors for these potential flood risk areas, we recommend performing regular maintenance on all of them. Prevention is always key.

Best 3 Flood Sensors

We selected our top 3 products which you can easily find and have shipped to you today!

1. leakSMART.

This is THE best machine in the business. Not only does it offer early detection for leaks and mold, but it also offers an emergency shut off valve, which can prevent a small leak from becoming disastrous. It has ‘smart’ home capabilities and will alert you instantly via your smartphone if anything is wrong. It also lowers your insurance premiums.

2. Wasserstein

Wassertein offers a ‘smart’, Wi-Fi capable flood and leak detector. The nice thing about this unit is, that you do not require a Hub with it, as you do with the leakSmart, however it will still give you an alert on your smartphone via an app notification. It is compact in size, which allows it to fit easily in the smallest of gaps, which is especially nice for more closed areas such as your washing machine and water heater.

3. Archtype Ltd Flood Buzz

These are an amazing and inexpensive way to ensure that all areas of your home are covered. They have a super loud alarm that will sound up to 24-hours, just in case you happen to be away. The battery in these little devices will also last you up to 3 years before they need to be replaced. No buttons. No Fuss. No programming. Just place them where they are of most use and then forget they ever existed.