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7 Ways To Stay Awake While Driving Lengthy Distances At Night

Stay Awake While Driving

It is usual to feel tired when driving long distances, particularly at night. If you have to remain alert while driving, make sure that you have a short nap before a long drive. During the night, while driving, you should learn about warning signs of drowsy driving, and take action to ensure that you remain alert and careful behind the wheel, even while you may rest sufficiently every night. You should also refrain from using alcohol, pain killers, or sleep-induced medicines when you intend to drive and avoid the road during the day when people are the most susceptible to sleepiness. 

What causes sleepiness while driving?

Many pieces of research have shown that longer drives cause alertness to decrease over time. If you plan a long journey, make sure you pause and switch drivers if possible. During long journeys, drivers seem to be sleeping, even shorter drives, which take 20 to 25 minutes, can cause considerable fatigue, particularly when the environment is monotonous or if they feel sleeper during a certain part of the day.

One of the reasons why you feel drowsy while driving is the vibrations produced by the car. The vibrations make it harder to perform tasks in both psychological and physiological ways. This affects the body’s nervous system, which leads to heartbeat changes and leads to drowsiness.

Things you should keep in mind 

It is extremely dangerous to drive with drowsiness. Here are 7 amazing tips you can keep in mind which will help you to stay alert and awake while driving on long distances:

Have a cup of coffee 

Caffeine content in one cup of coffee is approximately 75 milligrams. That’s all you need to have to wake you up and keep you alert. If you start feeling fatigued, have a cup of coffee. This should give you an extra jolt to continue. Along the way, keep a lookout for coffee shops. Pull over to one of these locations if you’re feeling sleepy.

Never drink and drive

It is obvious to you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road that drink and driving possess a safety risk. It’s also true with prescribed and counter-consumer medicines that cause feelings of sleepiness, particularly anti-allergy pills. Before driving, make sure that you check the side effects of new medications.

Correct your posture

It is important to have a correct posture while driving. Always adjust the wheel and mirror of your seat and wheel. Your backrest should be between 100 and 110 degrees to make complete contact with your back. Even when using the pedals, your knees should be slightly bent. You should keep your elbows under your shoulders with your steering wheel. And you don’t have to pull your neck out of the mirrors to see them.

Have a companion 

If you’re going on a long trip that will take several hours, bring someone with you if that’s possible. Having an individual in the vehicle can help you stay alert since you can rotate between the driving seats. If you’re exhausted, let the other person drive for a while.

Have a good sleep before traveling

In the first place, Make sure you had enough sleep the night before to remain awake while driving long distances. Try to have a good sleep before hitting the road for at least 7 to 8 hours, so that you are well-rested all day long. But if you can’t, you have to take a nap for at least 15 to 30 minutes before driving. Pull over and take a sleep if you’re getting fatigued while driving. A 15- to 20-minute snooze can refresh your thoughts and provide you with the energy you need to continue driving. Find a safe place to stop and rest for at least 20 minutes.

Eat something healthy

Food assists your body to keep the necessary energy levels. Eat a healthy lunch before driving. Choose energetic foods to help your body stay alert for lengthy periods of time while driving. Protein and complex carbohydrates are your best bets. Whole grains and lean protein, such as turkey and chicken, can help you stay attentive while driving for long periods of time.

Put on some music or a podcast

If you’re feeling sleepy, use your car’s audio system. Play some music or listen to a podcast. This will keep your mind active and alert while also waking up your body.


It’s not safe to drive when feeling drowsy. It can be even dangerous than driving drunk.

Try to keep yourself alert when you drive with some of these strategies mentioned above. Also, don’t hesitate to check out into a hotel and complete the drive in the morning, if you are feeling tired. Getting to your destination safely is much important.